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Our professional fundraisers visit homes and shopping centres all around Australia to increase awareness of the importance of breast cancer research and invite people to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation as a Pink Ribbon Partner with a monthly donation.

Ongoing monthly donations enable us to effectively plan ahead and make funding commitments to long-term research into prevention, early diagnosis and better treatments for those affected by breast cancer in Australia.

These fundraisers are specially trained, highly valued and respected representatives of our work and organisation. They are professional and passionate about helping people with breast cancer and inspire the community to support our much-needed work.

Fundraiser Code of Conduct
NBCF is a member of the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA) and all members must adhere to their standards and codes of conduct.

This requires all our fundraisers to be trained extensively in fundraising conduct and knowledge. Our fundraisers are trained to be professional, respectful and positive. We also aim to ensure that everyone who signs up as a regular donor has a thorough understanding of the process and commitment.


How to identify if a Fundraiser is genuine?

Our fundraisers wear NBCF branded clothing and carry a photo ID badge. They will be located in shopping centres and various suburbs and may knock at your door. Please note that door-knocking hours vary between states, usually staying between the hours of 9am-6pm. Specific information can be located on the  PFRA website.

Upon sign-up, a confirmation email and SMS will be sent to you to start the process immediately. Our fundraisers will never ask for cash donations, only monthly donations by credit card or direct debit.

Will my information be stored securely?

During the process of signing up as monthly supporter, our fundraisers will ask for personal details, proof of identity and debit/credit card information. This information is stored safely on encrypted and secure iPad software, greatly maximising efficiency and security of your information, according to compliance standards.

Feedback and complaints

If you would like to contact us or have any questions or comments, please call 1300 708 763, or email or to speak with a member of our Supporter Relations team.

To help us address any queries or complaints as promptly as possible, please take note of the name or identifiable features of the fundraiser, and the date, time and location of the interaction.